A Passion:

Hit a long time ago by the passion of the distillation, the master of the place built the Vercors Distillery considering the energy and environmental current matters.

For this, he combined the traditional French know-how with an innovation: a distilling still at low temperature. It has the double advantage of being economical in energy and of gently working the raw material: the cereal. This one is kindly heat up, which preserves the maximum of its flavors.

This totally new method for the whisky will give a unique taste to our single malt French whisky.

distillerie whisky vercors

For the love at first sight:

Come see!

Near the Saint-Jean-en-Royans village, the Vercors Distillery is set up in a traditional silkworm farm with 200 years of History. Seated on its many cellars with a 225 years old Sequoia in the middle of the court, the Distillery overhangs the Valley Royans and the bracing nature of the Vercors. Wonderfull Combe Laval can be seen from the Vercors Distillery.

At its feet: a nice spring. Its perfect water goes down straight form the Vercors Regional Natural Park. The spring water used by the Vercors Distillery is pure and fresh, ideal for a high-quality of our French whisky.

All around the Distillery: preserved grounds.

There, grows our organic barley. Organic for the respect of the earth, of the water, of our French whisky and its lovers.