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France: land of whiskies

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February, Friday 23rd, the Whisky Workshop of the Distillery is devoted to the French whiskies … some beautiful discoveries on the horizon. The Workshops of the Vercors Distillery last 3 hours: 1h for the visit of the Distillery then 2 hours for the lessons lead by a wine waiter (with a snack break composed of local products). Come discover the French know-how! Booking: +33954393728

An organic peaty French whisky

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After this amazing first year of distillation to prepare our not peaty French whiskies (still organic at the Vercors Distillery), we have just been delivered of organic peaty malt! The flavors that are floating in the Distillery are totally different and Eric is so happy…

100% Homemade

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We just filled the casks of the 100% homemade vatful. The barley has grown up in the fields around the Distillery. The brewing has been made with the spring water of the Vercors. The distillation has transformed the whole in a flighty distillate with fruits flavors. Some who had tasted it told us that we might have distilled Mirabelle plum or pear… but no, only organic barley of Saint-Jean-en-Royans (Drôme-Vercors). Our French single malt organic whisky will be bottled in 2019.

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A big thanks to our neighbor, Jean-Luc, that came to test our accessibility of the circuit of the Distillery visit. It’s working for the wheelchair, but be careful about heel: it’s required to bring shoes without (the ground of the 1st floor is made of duckboard, the heels could be stuck in the little holes).

I wish you all a happy new year 2017 during which I hope to see you at the distillery.

Nice yellow

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This year, in the fields of the Distillery, we sown our organic barley under cover of mustard… Problem: despite the -10°C of the winter, the mustard did not froze and the barley fields wears a nice and flamboyant yellow! We ‘ll have lot’s of work separating the grains!

orge et moutarde 2017